What we do

We are a non-profit organization that brings together volunteer work with associations that benefit from using data in their daily activities. 


Who are beneficiaries

We call Beneficiaries all institutions that work on projects with social impact, such as charities, public administration and non-profits.

These institutions are expected to have:

Problems to solve

Your challenges are our starting point. We are looking to solve the most pressing problems that can benefit from data analysis.

Collected data or potential to collect

Datasets contain relevant information from your business. That's where we will get hidden insights from.

Availability to collaborate

Project success is highly dependent on the commitment of the Beneficiary. (Ex: availability to clarify doubts, provide feedback).

Look at a project's timeline

Here is how a typical project creation with a new beneficiary is structured

What do volunteers do?

Our goal is to build, through our volunteers, a strong network of socially responsible data enthusiasts. 

As a volunteer, our Lead Team intends to provide you with the possibility of:

Social good projects

Working on a data science project for a non-profit

Learning events

Attending talks and


Building a prototype for a social challenge

Networking events

Events to meet other community members


Promoting all the innovation generated


See more at our Volunteers FAQ

Structure of the volunteer team for social good projects

For our social good projects,  we typically work with small teams of volunteers (4 to 6) with the following distribution:
  • 1 Project Manager (PM): responsible for tasks such as defining work packages, reporting to beneficiary, help in team recruitment and prioritization of activities.  
  • 1 Tech Lead (TL): among others, responsible for help in team recruitment, scoping, mentoring, encouraging innovative solutions and technologically supporting them, and reporting to the beneficiary.  
  • 2-4 Volunteers (data scientists, data analysts, and other data enthusiasts): work on developing the project. 

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