Identification of causes and optimization of waiting times for veterinary consultations at the AZP veterinary hospital

Development of a PowerBI dashboard for Associação Zoófila Portuguesa, a non-profit veterinary association, which allows monitoring relevant metrics over time for the association to measure and communicate its impact. 

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The Associação Zoófila Portuguesa’s mission is to provide quality veterinary services at reduced prices (or even for free if necessary). They run a veterinary hospital in downtown Lisbon, with about 30 volunteers. They also contribute to public health and combat animal overpopulation through sterilization.


Creating a dashboard with visualizations of key metrics

Forecast of the number of consultations for the following days.


Lead Team DSSG PT

Lead Team DSSG PT

Project Manager

Tech Lead




Pedro Antunes

Ana Curto

AZP President

AZP Vice-President


– Installation of a dashboard in the AZP building; where the user can choose various views of key metrics.

– Forecast of the number of consultations per day for the following 15 days

– Analysis of the key variables that influence the duration of a consultation.

The dashboard allows an easier visualization of key aspects related to the operation of the hospital.


How many times was the dashboard used per week?

Why was the dashboard used? Internal/external meetings?  Social networks?

Impact Measurement

To be measured in August 2021.