SICO-eVM data (mortality surveillance platform)

Extracting, cleaning and organizing data from the Death Certificates Information System – e-Vigilance Mortality.



Creation of a set of .csv files and data dictionaries with sources that volunteers consider relevant for studies of the impact of COVID-19 on mortality in Portugal.



1 – Create a script to extract data from the SICO-eVM portal to two .csv files, one with variables grouped by dd-mm-yyyy and the other by yyyy;

2 – Create a data dictionary (table in Markdown) with the description of each variable;

3 – Create a script to update this data daily, with logic similar to what we have been doing in the repository (using Github Actions);

4 – Create a test script to test the validity of the data and the functioning of the script, with the tests you consider relevant;

5 – Include the scripts in the current workflow;

More detail in the blog post written by the volunteers: