Optimization of the preparation of the weekly baskets of the Northern hub of Fruta Feia

Development of an automatic tool for suggesting the content of fruit and vegetable baskets, which will allow Fruta Feia to optimize the process of preparing its baskets and promote a greater rotation of products and producers.


Fruta Feia fights food waste on a daily basis by creating an alternative market for “ugly” fruits and vegetables (fruits and vegetables that are excluded from the main markets because they do not meet criteria such as size or appearance). Fruta Feia has 258 active producers, 12 delegations, and 6459 consumers, avoiding 2506 tons of waste annually.


Creation of an automatic basket suggestion tool


Lead Team DSSG PT

Lead Team DSSG PT

Project Lead




Stage List

– Data preparation and database creation

– Exploratory data analysis

– Problem modeling and creation of an automatic optimization tool

– Visualization and communication of results from the developed tool


Time reduction in the planning of the baskets

Increase of product rotation and diversity of the baskets

Increased producer turnover

Impact Measurement

To be measured in december 2021.