Optimizing the stock management process at Rizoma's community grocery store

The stock management process still has a large component of manual analysis, because it was developed so quickly, keeping up with the large growth of the cooperative. This does not allow it to be accurate and robust enough to not depend on constant input by members of the association. The goal of this project is thus to optimize the current process of stock management of the community grocery store, which will allow Rizoma to manage the grocery store stocks more efficiently and in less time, giving its volunteers more time to focus on other aspects of the association.

Fotografia da mercearia Rizoma com o seu logo por cima

Rizoma is a Cooperative created by neighbors and friends, which aims to create a community-based, cooperative, sustainable and fair economy that provides the basic products, goods and services needed by the community. With this goal in mind, a community grocery store was created that is owned and self-managed by the members of the cooperative.


Optimization of the current stock management process of the community grocery, which will allow Rizoma a more efficient management and in less time


Volunteer Management

Beneficiary Management

Project Lead





  1. Getting to know Rizoma and its challenges
  2. Project scope definition by the team (in partnership with Rizoma and DSSG)
  3. Data preparation and exploratory analysis
  4. Stock forecast model definition
  5. Model implementation through a tool to be defined
  6. Communication of results and documentation sharing



Impact Measurement